Fox Pines Ultimate Mac and Cheese

Who doesn't love a comfort food like mac and cheese, especially now that the autumn weather is really setting in. My mac and cheese has some smoked cheese and bacon to add a lovely depth of flavor.  I love about any smoked food anyway.   Fox Pines Ultimate Mac and Cheese ½ c butter ½ [...]

sweet and spicy rub

Fox Pines Sweet & Spice meat Rub

I have a meat spice rub that I use almost exclusively.  It's such favorite that I use it on anything - beef, pork, chicken, even fish, especially salmon.  I love it most on a prime rib roast. And it smells just heavenly! Fox Pines Sweet Spice Rub Makes 1.25 cup ¼ c sweet or smoked [...]

uncooked rice

A Dozen Ways to Use Leftover Rice

Things to make with left over rice - isn't there always left over white rice from a  Chinese take out, or you made a big batch on the weekend, intending to use it throughout the week? Since my goal is to use all left overs, here are some ideas I have come up with.  Although [...]


It’s Autumn – Time for White Bean Soup!

Autumn is perfect soup weather.  The hot and humid summer days have fallen off to cool nights and breezy , sunny, but cooler, days.  Colored leaves are swirling to the ground. Just  cold enough so I need something to take the chill off when I come inside.  Soups, stew and other comfort foods just fit [...]