Four Cheese and Sage Mac n’ Cheese with Crispy Bacon

What’s better than lots of cheese and bacon? I have to try this! Thanks to fellow blogger Rosie for posting.

Wish to Dish

Today I am bringing you all a little comfort food to help ease the January blues.


Comfort food = macaroni and cheese, I mean what else…? I feel that mac and cheese is like the childhood best friend of food. You probably discovered it when you were six, turned to it after your first break up/ failed driving test/ hideously unattractive haircut and now even though you very rarely eat it (or meet up with said friend), whenever you do you get a huge sense of nostalgia and joy.

I have put a little bit of a twist on M a C today with this recipe: firstly by adding four different types of cheese (excessive but delicious) and secondly by infusing the butter, for the roux, with sage. This helps to update it from the nursery food classic into something you could reasonably serve adults, well I think so anyway…

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