We all Have The Same Amount of TIME

The best thing I can give my pets is my time.

I have two Border Collies, and anyone who knows the breed knows they need something to do.  In our case, it’s Frisbee.  Everyday, at least twice a day.  Basically my husband is responsible for this, but at times I pitch in and throw it (though not as well or as far) for them too.  they tag team – something they decided all on their own.  Speck catches, runs it back half way and Switch takes it from him or picks it up where he drops it and runs it back to the thrower.

And my cats – 2 Ragdolls and one domestic who wander here 17 yeas ago and never left (now sleeping in front of the fire)… they want nothing more than to be fed before me in the morning, and have a lap to lay on in the evening.  I actually did buy a toy “fishing pole” with feathers on the line so I can get them to move around a bit!

During this holiday season your time is the most precious thing you can give.  Christmas has become so commercial.  It’s not supposed to be about presents and spending a fortune on house decorations.  To many people those things are meaningless.

For some, giving your time to cook or work at a shelter or church soup kitchen is much more appreciated.  Take time to sort through your clothes and reduce the contents of your closet.  Did you know most people only wear 10% of what they own most of the time? Give those coats to someone who doesn’t have one. Donate time to a charity in town, at a hospital or nursing home.  For many nursing home residents would just like someone to talk to for an hour.

Better yet, take your pet!  Most homes will allow a pet to visit as long as you have proof of a valid rabies vaccination, and you trust your pets temperament around people in a new situation. If you can take your pet on a regular basis, even better.  Residents need visitors all throughout the year, not just for the holidays, and they truly appreciate it.

If you’d rather do something for animals, almost any shelter will take a donation of time and supplies….pet food, blankets, cleaning supplies, cat litter. Donate TIME to walk dogs, clean cages, dump litter boxes, raise funding.

We all have the same 24 hours per day, 60 minutes per hour.  Money doesn’t buy more time, and a lack of money doesn’t decrease it.  Time is the great equalizer. Sharing your time with another person, or pet, for charity or in service, is one of the greatest gifts you can give.