My Favorite Cast Iron Magazine

If you have followed along for a while, you know I love my cast iron skillets and bake ware.  My grandmother’s and mother’s skillets are prized possessions.  In fact, you could say I am rather passionate about using cast iron.

I also have a penchant for buying magazines and books about cooking in general, but with cast iron especially.  Today when I stopped at Tractor Supply for bird seed and cat food, the new Spring 2017 issue of Southern  Cast Iron caught my attention by the check out.  There’s a reason they place magazines here while you stand in line.  Southern Cast Iron  gives me inspiration to cook foods different ways, and find new uses for my cast iron, and oh my, the covers always look divine.

This new Spring 2017 issue talks about using and caring for cast iron, much like my past article on cast iron.  And also compares enameled cast iron, the pros and cons, to the original black version.

Oh, and did I mention the article on bacon?  Bacon-wrapped chicken thighs, chocolate chip cookies with bacon bits, bacon kettle corn, Maple-Bacon Monkey bread!!  I’m going to try them all.

So my collection of Cast Iron Magazine grows by another issue.  I don’t think I have ever passed one issue on to family or friends the way I do other magazines.  These are all mine!

What favorite item do you collect and keep in the kitchen?  Maybe I should tell you about my mortar and pestle collection….in another time.






3 thoughts on “My Favorite Cast Iron Magazine

  1. 53old says:

    Salt, dutch ovens, cast iron cookware and mortars & pestles.

    No offense. To me, chocolate chip cookies may be the one thing that bacon doesn’t improve.

  2. apioneersoul says:

    I love my cast iron too. I inherited some of my mother-in-law’s. One of hers was a small square one. Our son loves his square eggs from Mamoo’s little skillet.

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