Grow New Celery from the store-bought bunch

Many vegetables will regrow, if given the chance, and celery is on of the easiest to do this with.

I find that, in the garden, if I don’t pull out the whole celery plant, but just cut the stalks I need, more stalks with grow.  Guess what, you can do the same exact thing in  small bowl of water with the base of a celery plant you bought at the store.

Cut all the stalks off in one slice, leaving about 2 inches of the base intact.  Wash this celery and wrap up in aluminum foil.  It will keep in the fridge for weeks without going soft.  I don’t know why it works, but it does.

Set the base you cut off into a small dish of water. .  That’s it.  No soil, no potting,, nothing.  If you like, add some Miracle grow or the like to the water.  The most I ever do is get some water out of the koi pond, like hydroponics, since it will be full of nitrogen and fish fertilizer.

Set the bowl and celery base in a sunny location.  Within a couple days, you will see some new stalks start up out of the center of the base.  Another week or two, and roots will form on the base, as well as the stalks growing higher.Keep the water at least 1/2 inch deep, an inch even better, especially once roots develop.

rooting celery plants

It will probably not develop into another whole perfect celery plant, but the stalks and leaves that develop will be be great for cooking or in soups.

Once really developed, you could set into soil in a container or the garden.  I usually just leave them in a container of water.

Let me know how much success you have had doing this!

starting new celery plants