Fox Pines Homestead is located in upstate NY, just outside the Blue Line (but not by much).

Besides being place to express my thoughts about pets and homesteading, I hope to encourage others to slow down time and appreciate life.  Getting older has changed my perspective – it’s not about what I have, but who.  Not what I can go do, but where I am. For now, being a blogger and writer, homesteader and home maker are a pleasant respite from a busy work career.  Thus lessons learned from my kitchen and my pets has been born.

Do you need help from a freelance writer?  If you need help writing info for your blog or copy for business publications, or  if you need an article to post about pets, I can help.  I have written education programs for several pet associations, as well as for several pet industry magazine. I have quite a bit of experience in the pet industry,as you can see below.

I long to go back to the farm I grew up on, but since that isn’t possible, now is about creating a new homestead where the kitchen always smells good, where the food comes from outside, not just from the market, and where I can sit with a cup of coffee and watch the birds flutter without the pressure of having to get dressed and drive to work.  I can work on my laptop from anywhere.

It’s about life in my kitchen, with pets underfoot, and the sound of the wind in the pines outside drifting thru the window.

As a side note, I (Sally Smith) grew up on a small dairy farm in NY just above the Catskill Mountains.  Yep, I can drive a tractor and milk a cow, though it’s been a while!

I have spent all my life in pet industry – first as a licensed veterinary technician (over 20 years), then later as a dog groomer, kennel operator (13 years, overlapping with being a vet tech) and finally as a pet shipper (up to about 25 years now).  I’m married for nearly 35 years, to a guy who is great with anything mechanical, motorized or greasy.  I totally depend on him to take care of all manner of things around the homestead.  He originally was a framer (new home construction) and then we had an excavation company, so playing in the dirt comes naturally to him!

Lucky for me, he loves to eat.  So I can cook my heart away.


dave-with-ther-joey  We currently have 2 Border Collies and several cats, including two Ragdoll cats from the last litter I bred.   And sometimes other assorted animals that I am shipping in or out of the country.

I love to share, so if you have pet questions, don’t be afraid to ask!

Note:  from time to time I will include links to affiliate members and recommend products.  I do make a small commission form sales, which helps support us. I will never recommend something I don’t already have or use, and occasionally something I might want or believe in.