colorful silicone cups

You must try silicone baking cups!

I just recently bought some silicone baking cup liners.  Not only do they come in such happy colors, but like any other silicone product – think silicone baking mats –  they work!

I know, they’ve been around quite a while now, but I had never used them.

I usually use paper cupcake liners.  I find some of the baked product always sticks to the paper.   I have not had good luck using paper liners for muffins – the muffins don’t come out cleanly.  the whole bottom will come off.  I guess I could spray with baking spray, but then I am using two products to accomplish the one thing I want.

These silicon cups are not terribly expensive, and if you regularly use a lot of paper baking cups, these will pay for themselves in time.

Such brightly colored silicone cups!

Enter the silicone liner.  Totally nonstick. colorful – they make me smile. They work for all kinds of food projects, like:

  • muffins
  • cupcakes
  • peanut butter chocolate cups
  • quiche
  • appetizers
  • individual desserts
  • candy making

Although the silicone is pretty rigid, I suggest using that muffin pan to hold them, or at least put them on a baking sheet.  I have read where some people spray them with baking spray to “season” for use the first few times.  I however, just washed them after purchasing them, and then started to use them as is.

They are oven safe up to 450F, then can also go in the freezer down to -40F.  How flexible is that? And for safety, they are BPA-free and approved by the FDA for use with food products.  Use them in the microwave, & oven.

Clean up is easy, though not as easy as mats, since the liners have lots of little ridges.  Pop them into a pot of warm soapy water as soon as possible after using them. I like an old tooth brush to scrub out any crumbs that might get stuck.  But my experience was a quick scrub with a sponge, using scrubber side as needed, also worked. Silicone products are dishwasher safe, but the little muffin liners will probably fly all over.

Dry thoroughly before re-stacking for storage.

Though I have tried silicone loaf pans and didn’t like them as well as a glass or cast iron loaf pan, these little cupcake liners work great.

What is our favorite silicone kitchen helper?