Who do I Champion today?

Every day I look for someone or something to champion, to support, to defend, to promote.  I don’t need to be the prime character, I can just support someone else.

Maybe it’s another person I admire.  Someone I have worked with, or a family member.  Perhaps it’s a cause, a pet, or just my bird feeder, chasing the squirrels off so the birds get the sunflower seeds today. Whatever it is, I feel better thinking and caring about something else other than myself.

And, truth be told, other people like to be supported.  I do, when someone does something for me.  Most of us do.  In a society today where the youth may think the center of the universe revolves around them, it’s a good reminder that it doesn’t.  It’s not what we get, or what we think we deserve – it’s what we can give.

This thought process has been losing ground over the years.  So many people have never volunteered (What? do something without being paid to do it?), never thinking they must earn what they get, never realizing there is always a response from the world for your own actions. Consequences do happen, so be responsible for something other than yourself.

It’s just karma – what goes around, comes around.  I figure if I am a champion to others, it will always come back somehow, in some way, to me, and in the process I have supported and held up others along the path of life.