The Spoon Theory

I love this post.  It suits me to a T.  My rheumatoid arthritis is just such a disease.  I don’t “look sick”.  But I may have a hard time walking, especially after getting out of a vehicle.

I will use the handicap stall in the ladies room, so that I can hold the handrails to get up and down, and have more space to maneuver.

I will always use a cart in the store so I can put my handbag in it and hold onto to the handle bar. And use a cushion when I kneel (if I can get down to the ground) in the garden. And get a step stool rather than reach up over my head for something on a shelf.  And maybe I will ask for help.

So when you see someone in the handicap parking spot, or in the handicap bathroom stall, or using a ramp rather than the stairs, do not assume they are lazy.

What would you have to do differently  if you only had 12 spoons today?

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One thought on “The Spoon Theory

  1. SwittersB says:

    My dear wife’s psoriatic arthritis is also such an illness that belies the outward appearances of the soul dealing with it….tough exteriors…internal pain! Best wishes to you!

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