Thank you for the knives, No Harm in Farmin’

I recently ordered 2 knives (I couldn’t stop myself at just one) from No Harm in Farmin’.  All of my kitchen knives have been purchased as name brand, mass produced, but still quite expensive, knives.  I could do with a handmade chef’s knife now,  after getting these knives.  That’s a hint.

My thanks to Chad, who is a wonderful craftsman.  These knives are quite sturdy, the Damascus beautiful, sharp and ready to work.

They will last me forever. and no end of uses when I might need to pull one out of the sheath to cut, open or modify an item!  I know you’ve been having struggles getting the farm going, and I hope my little purchase will help you out.

I love the curves of this blade.  It’s not a big knife, but my hands are not so large, so the smaller handle fits me just right.

So now you know another of my vices , after leather items- really nice handmade knives.

What gets you going?



One thought on “Thank you for the knives, No Harm in Farmin’

  1. Chad Hollar says:

    Wow! Thanks for that shout out. Maria and I always strive to make the best quality things that we can. Chef knives are always on the block to be made. They look really great and stay super sharp when made of Damascus. ( what doesn’t though? Lol).
    Thanks again, and we are so glad you like them!
    All the best,

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