sweet and spicy rub

Fox Pines Sweet & Spice meat Rub

I have a meat spice rub that I use almost exclusively.  It's such favorite that I use it on anything - beef, pork, chicken, even fish, especially salmon.  I love it most on a prime rib roast. And it smells just heavenly! Fox Pines Sweet Spice Rub Makes 1.25 cup ¼ c sweet or smoked [...]

Old Fashioned Rhubarb makes great Rhubarb Roll Ups

Rhubarb is one of those "old time" vegetables.  My family ALWAYS had rhubarb growing, and I took some roots from the farm when I left, and still have it growing in my garden today.  Many people, though, have never eaten the tart plant. It is probably best known in pies and crumbles, although it can [...]

Homemade Oatmeal Applesauce bread that’s good for you

I'm sharing another of my beloved bread recipes today.  This can actually be considered good for you, with healthy ingredients like old fashioned oats, and (homemade) applesauce, and cinnamon; all of which have health benefits. It keeps well for a few days when wrapped up well, if the loaf lasts that long. It's a bit [...]

Make your own Fruit Nut Bread

I love bread.  Quick bread, that comes together in an hour or less, and yeast bread that can take hours to let rise and develop.  My family always had bread with meals, but usually the white stuff from the store.  I try to make healthier versions, so I don't feel like I am eating junk.  [...]

Huge flavor in a little tube

I have a secret weapon I use for flavor - anchovy paste !  Now before you say you hate anchovies, I will tell you nothing tastes fishy, and you won't even know it's in there.  You'll only know the food tastes good.  I often buy it by the dozen just to get the best price [...]

My Favorite Cast Iron Magazine

If you have followed along for a while, you know I love my cast iron skillets and bake ware.  My grandmother's and mother's skillets are prized possessions.  In fact, you could say I am rather passionate about using cast iron. I also have a penchant for buying magazines and books about cooking in general, but [...]

Mom’s Fruit Crisp

For whatever reason, I am in a rather nostalgic mood today. I feel like I need some of Mom's wisdom today, and therefore making something she always made for us on the farm just feels right. And it's Saturday, when I usually spend in the morning in the kitchen cleaning and cooking anyway.  We always [...]

Roughage for people and pets

My grandmother would have referred to fiber as "roughage" - that fiber that helps promote good health. Most Americans do not eat nearly enough fiber, and the lack of fiber can contribute to poor health, including diabetes. I recently found this article.  It does a great job of explaining exactly what fiber is and how [...]