Random Homestead Thoughts on a Friday Afternoon; a life lesson in quiet

This afternoon, I am giving myself permission for some quiet time, having had an extremely busy two weeks at me “real job” of pet shipping.   12 hours days minimum, and if I am not in the van driving, I am at my desk for 9 hours at a clip.  Nothing exotic right now, just lots of dogs and cats.  Summer is prime moving time, when children are out of school.  That’s when most families are relocated. But it’s hard to let go, unwind and take the value down time when we really need it.  And you need some quiet most most when you really busy to recharge your spirit.

So after only half a day of work, and some laundry, I am putting my feet up outside to sit and listen to the birds (hello Mr. Cardinal, little Carolina Wren and Mrs. Wood thrush), and the waterfall of the koi pond.  It’s a beautiful late spring day.  The summer solstice is 21 June…that’s less two weeks away.  Days start getting shorter after that!

I was on Skype with my IT help, and we were lamenting how much time technology takes from us.  If I tried to read every tweet or Facebook posting I follow, all the other blogs I love, and all of my pet transportation links, I would never take my eyes off my laptop.  Never see the sun or feel the breeze.  Life is too precious not to make time for nature.

On a slightly different note, a local police department posted on FB a story of an investigation about a bobcat getting into someone house.  The lady and her children hid in a bathroom, until the bobcat exited via an open window, which is likely how he got inside in the first place.  All I could think was I would have grabbed my camera and followed him around the house.  And what irritated me the most were some of the comments about wildlife being so close and so dangerous and something needed to be done about it.  Well, HELLO, you moved out here to the country.  Yes, we have bobcats, and bears, and fox, raccoons, opossums, and more.  They have already been displaced and lost habitat because people moved into their territory, not the other way around. Learn to live with them and revel in the loveliness and beauty of each species.

So for the rest of today, I will catch up on some reading, watch the birds, and enjoy the sunshine and on again, off again, breeze.  Enjoy my canine companion.

koi fish

koi pond

Border collie


I hope you have a wonder weekend, and get time to take pleasure in whatever makes you happy.

What does make you happy??