How to Elevate Your Next Grilled Cheese Sandwich

Who doesn't love a good grilled cheese sandwich?  Delicious melting gooey cheese, and crispy bread.  But it can be so much more! This cool, frosty morning I made grilled ham and cheese for breakfast (we eat BLT's for breakfast too - I know, it's strange!). Here's some tips and ideas to make your next grilled [...]

Border Collie

How Can I tell If My Pet is Sick?

Sometimes it is obvious when your pet is not feeling well, but other times it may just be a feeling you have based on your pets behavior.  Trust you instincts.  As a pet owner, you know your pet better than anyone else.  If you think your dog or cat is “just not right”, chances are [...]

Koi fish

Keeping Koi in the Northeast

We've had a koi pond for almost 20 years.  It was a "present" from my husband for my birthday.  I wanted a pond, and he got busy with the backhoe....and we ended up with nearly a 5000 gallon hole in the ground.  A bit larger than he intended. I love hearing the water run over [...]

homemade bread

Making Cast Iron White Bread

Seems like almost every magazine in the couple years features an article about  bread made in 5 minute a day, rising slowly overnight, and baked the following day, often in a cast iron pot.  I like making yeast breads .  I like the calm repetitive motions of kneading bread dough, and the small of bread [...]