Easy, sort-of-healthy Cinnamon Rolls

Christmas morning deserves something special to go with the salted caramel coffee.  Most of the time we eat pretty healthy.  So I decided to take an easy cinnamon roll recipe and make it a least a little healthier. I used half white whole wheat four (all whole wheat would not form enough gluten to rise [...]

A Gift of Apple Pandowdy

We could never eat everything I bake.  So I bake for friends as gifts, as thank you's, and just because. Also because neither my husband or I should be eating much sugar or white flour (though I often do cook with white whole wheat or spelt flour instead). I like giving away food so someone [...]

Cranberry quick bread

Baking Holiday Bread – Cranberry Nut Quick Bread

Holiday's are for baking! Here's a quick bread I often make around the holidays for gifts.  I buy extra cranberries every year and freeze them so I can make it any time I want! Cranberry Nutbread Delicious with a hot cup of coffee 1 stick stick butter or margarine1 1/2 c sugar1 T vinegar1 egg1 [...]

our feral cats

Caring for Feral Cats: Bitty Kitty and Tom

Seems like we always have a couple feral cats hanging around.  Feral cats, different from stray cats in that they were never owned by anyone, and are wild and untouchable, and not adoptable.  Maybe we only catch them on a trail cam outside, but occasionally we see them.  Right now I have a couple  feral [...]

colorful silicone cups

You must try silicone baking cups!

I just recently bought some silicone baking cup liners.  Not only do they come in such happy colors, but like any other silicone product - think silicone baking mats -  they work! I know, they've been around quite a while now, but I had never used them. I usually use paper cupcake liners.  I find some [...]

snow on pine trees

Autumn clean up around the house

Okay, so we had our first snowfall - a light dusting but enough to let us know that fall is giving way soon to winter. So as usual I am now rushing around to get things in the yard  & house, making things ready for winter, like: Birds baths cleaned, bowls inside (since they are [...]

laundry symbols

How to Understand a Laundry Label

Have you ever searched an item of clothing looking for the care label?  Sure, we all have.  Have you ever wondered what those little symbols on the label mean?  Me neither, I look for the "wash cool, tumble dry" part. Imagine my surprise to run across an advertisement for a laundry product, and there is [...]

Fox Pines Ultimate Mac and Cheese

Who doesn't love a comfort food like mac and cheese, especially now that the autumn weather is really setting in. My mac and cheese has some smoked cheese and bacon to add a lovely depth of flavor.  I love about any smoked food anyway.   Fox Pines Ultimate Mac and Cheese ½ c butter ½ [...]