15 Kitchen Tricks and Saves – Hacks, if you will

For whatever reason, I dislike the term "Kitchen Hacks" that seems to have become so popular recently.  So I thought I would share some "Tricks and Saves" that might make your life easier in the kitchen and home. They are in no particular order. A clothespin in the kitchen - a clothespin is small and [...]

Grandma Said “Don’t Go to Bed Mad”

When I was quite young, I remember my maternal grandmother talking to me about  family relationships.  I distinctly remember her saying "To get along, you never go to bed mad.  Remember that.  You should always talk things out before sleep". I don't remember the context of the conversation, I was probably only 7 or 8 [...]

Grow New Celery from the store-bought bunch

Many vegetables will regrow, if given the chance, and celery is on of the easiest to do this with. I find that, in the garden, if I don't pull out the whole celery plant, but just cut the stalks I need, more stalks with grow.  Guess what, you can do the same exact thing in  [...]

Simple Hummingbird food is the best

For any bird watcher, backyard gardener, and nature lover, hummingbirds are one of the coolest birds in North America (as well as many species in other parts of the world)., and one of the easiest to feed.  Making a simple syrup is cheap and simple.  Feeding hummingbirds provides a reliable food source for them.  this [...]

setting uop a new garden

Fox Pines New Garden gets started

We spent last weekend moving our garden to a location a bit closer to the house, in a location with more sun.  I wanted to get the perennial plants - rhubarb, asparagus, small blueberry bushes - in the new location early enough this year to get them established before a North Country Winter.  I hadn't [...]

Old Fashioned Rhubarb makes great Rhubarb Roll Ups

Rhubarb is one of those "old time" vegetables.  My family ALWAYS had rhubarb growing, and I took some roots from the farm when I left, and still have it growing in my garden today.  Many people, though, have never eaten the tart plant. It is probably best known in pies and crumbles, although it can [...]