My Blooming Cactus

I have a cactus grown from a small piece my sister gave me.  She got a piece from her father-in-law, so we are keeping it going in the family.  It’s taken years for the plant to get large.  Every spring I put it outside – it just loves rain and summer sun.

Fox Pines Cactus

This year it is incredibly beautiful.  It often has one or two blooms, but this year, more than half a dozen.  And it would have been more, except that I brushed off two or three buds moving it around.  They are super fragile, and fall off almost by themselves.

cactus flower bud









The flowers are 5 inches or more in diameter.  They will only last a few days.  It’s fairly easy to root new pieces of cactus with some rooting compound.

large red cactus flowers

I have no idea what kind of cactus it is.  Does anyone know?