In the Beginning


Fox Pines Homestead began as an idea – a return to the farm, being close to nature, growing my own food again.  An introduction to a slower life for my family, without the rush of an suburban life.  A chance to slow down and live life again, to enjoy the sunshine, the rain, fog and darkness.

I have spent my whole life in the pet industry.  After 25 years of being a veterinary technician, and running a boarding kennel & grooming shop, I had started a consulting business.  Travel and long hours away from home wore me down, and I found that wasn’t the life I wanted after being a vet tech, even though I loved working with people and doing presentations & training programs internationally.  I had also brought with me from the vet a pet shipping business.  I have spent another 20 years moving pets around the world for people who were relocating due to work, or retirement.  I have love that as a well,  but it also required long hours driving, odd hours (sometime very early mornings, or being out til midnight), & being available for my clients nearly 24 hours a day.

When we build our “retirement” home in the Adirondacks, I found peace.  A place to go away from the hustle and bustle of real life.  My goal now is to make this homestead our full time life.  I’m not at retirement age yet, and I may slow down but I doubt Ii will ever totally quit working  Now I hope to just a different kind of work.  I’m from the era of having a job and keeping it for life.  I’ve had two great careers, with the pet shipping still an ongoing process for now.  You can visit me at for that life.

My goal for this homestead life will be to continue to help educate people – about pets, and pet travel, about growing food and cooking for loved ones, another of my passions. About taking time to smell the pine trees, watch the sun go down, and listen to rain on a metal roof (one of my favorite sounds of childhood).

I hope you’ll join me and take time to look around you in your life too.