sweet and spicy rub

Fox Pines Sweet & Spice meat Rub

I have a meat spice rub that I use almost exclusively.  It’s such favorite that I use it on anything – beef, pork, chicken, even fish, especially salmon.  I love it most on a prime rib roast.

And it smells just heavenly!

Fox Pines Sweet Spice Rub

Makes 1.25 cup

¼ c sweet or smoked paprika
¼ c brown sugar
¼ c ground cumin
¼ c black pepper – I mix white and black pepper together 50/50
¼ c coarse salt or kosher salt
1 tsp mace
1 tsp Santa Fe Chili*

Mix all together well, will keep in a tightly sealed container.

Please let me know if you like it!  Or have you made some changes I should try?

*Santa Fe Chili is a smoked ground chili powder form the southwest.  I buy it in bulk from Amazon. Any chili powder would actually work, and I have substituted Ancho Chili powder without noticing much difference.

sweet & spicy meat rub

FPH meat rub

2 thoughts on “Fox Pines Sweet & Spice meat Rub

    • foxpineshomestead says:

      Great question! Most paprika sold in the store simply labeled ‘Paprika’ is neither hot nor sweet. All paprika is from ground chili pods, but the ‘simple’ or ‘plain paprika’ is neither sweet, nor hot nor smoked. It is mostly likely a blend of different peppers, having a very mild aroma, and no real bite of a hot pepper, and no smoky flavor. It is often used just for coloring.
      Smoke paprika, sometimes labeled Spanish Paprika or Pimenton has a distinctive smoky aroma, and adds that flavor to the dish it is included in. Sweet paprika might be labeled Hungarian Paprika, and can range from mild to pungent and almost hot.

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