For the Love of Leather

I LOVE LEATHER. I mean, a lot.  For years I have never bought shoes or a handbag that wasn’t leather. Or dog collars and leashes for that matter.

I love the smell of leather, and those that go with it – leather conditioner, saddle soap. I like the feel of leather.  It can be so soft and supple, especially a piece that has gotten a lot of use.  Or it can be thick and heavy an unyielding, as in something new.

It is an all natural product, something to be used form an animal beyond the meat.  I firmly believe in using the total animal, so get as much use from all the different parts as possible, so a life is not taken as a trophy or meat only.

When I was a young girl, I remember having a discussion about slaughtering cows with my uncle.  He patiently explained about how God puts an animal into our world, and it is our responsibility to care for it, nurture it, and then use it.  A typical farmers mentality, and if you are not a farmer, you might not understand this.

My point at the time, and I was about 8 years old, was that I didn’t like killing a calf for veal.  I thought then that if we were going to raise an animal, we should let it grow up.  I didn’t eat veal for a very long time, and still seldom do.  that vision of Billy in the pen stays with me.

But back to leather – it is durable, lasting for years.  Much longer than most man made materials.  It can be water-proofed, like oil skin raincoats or leather conditioner on my bag. A good pair of boots, for me, can replace all the other shoes I have. When I wear my leather coat I can carry the smell of leather with me all day.


Leather can be made quite fashionable.  A status symbol even, if that is your intent.  Looks at all the colors sit can be dyed.  I mostly prefer the natural look, but there’s something about  a bright red leather wallet or shoes…..taken care of, a leather item can last for years and years.

Using leather can also be good for the environment, compared to man made materials.  Yes, there are some chemicals used in   the processing, but far less than in most processed,  chemically made materials.  It’s an Eco-friendly material, who knew?

Lastly, leather is a good buy.  “Really?” you say, because a good coat, shoulder bag or briefcase can cost hundreds.  But if you use that item for 10 years, daily or even weekly, the cost of the items comes down to only pennies per use.  For example, a $300 coat, worn for 10 years, is only $30 a year.  And if you wear that coat 150 times per year the cost per wearing is only $0.86.

so next time you need to invest in an item, you might consider spending a little more up front, and buy leather.

What item is your passion, that you can’t live without?