For the Love of Leather

I LOVE LEATHER. I mean, a lot.  For years I have never bought shoes or a handbag that wasn't leather. Or dog collars and leashes for that matter. I love the smell of leather, and those that go with it - leather conditioner, saddle soap. I like the feel of leather.  It can be so [...]

Roughage for people and pets

My grandmother would have referred to fiber as "roughage" - that fiber that helps promote good health. Most Americans do not eat nearly enough fiber, and the lack of fiber can contribute to poor health, including diabetes. I recently found this article.  It does a great job of explaining exactly what fiber is and how [...]

Hamburger Soup

Soup is one of our favorite foods.  It is filling, usually inexpensive to make, and nice and warm on a cold day. It doesn't take any special skills or a lot of time. Hamburger soup started as a recipe I saw years ago someplace, but I have modified and created my own version of course. [...]

Winter Magic

  A heavy snow in the mountains is magical.  There is an almost total silence, broken only by the call of a bird or flutter of wings near the feeder. The heavy snow just deadens all noise.  Even the sound of the river is silenced. Falling snow is mesmerizing.  It drifts and blows with the [...]

Ice Cream Toppings worth the splurge

I always like an evening snack.   I blame my parents.  On the farm we had supper at 5 pm sharp, then back to the barn for the evening milking, feeding the calves, and putting everyone to bed. By 8.30-9 pm we were all hungry again.  It's a very hard habit to break, even all these [...]

3 Key Reasons to Cook at Home

I guess I am just a traditional farm girl.  Dinner was when everyone gathered around the table to eat together.  Always. Every night. I really never considered any other option.  The idea of people eating all different times and having different food is a totally foreign concept to me. So here are the 3 Key [...]

Beef and Navy Bean Casserole

Here's an easy one pot meal, that you stick in the oven and leave alone for a few hours.  Perfect for winter weather.  And the kitchen will smell great too! Roast Beef and Navy Bean Casserole 1 pot roast – rump roast, chuck roast, round roast…3.5 – 4 lb. Seasoned salt – make your own! [...]

What is your House Seasoning Mix?

I just won't pay several dollars for a tiny bottle of mixed spices or seasoned salt.  Not when it's so easy to make your own, which will be a lot more flavor-able and smell wonderfully fresh compared to something made and jarred weeks or months ago. There are all kinds of spice seasonings and mixes [...]