25 things to do for your cat

Equal  time this column for cats!  We addressed dogs last time. Cats are a bit harder, because they are much more used to being alone, and doing things on their own terms.  Still, you can do some good beyond the basic needs of shelter, food and water. Cats like to investigate, crawl into things, and [...]

25 good things to do for your dog

For many of us, our pets are a vital part of the family, almost (or really) like children.  And while we may met their basic needs of shelter, food and water, I think there are a lot more things that might elevate their lifestyle. Most dogs breeds were invented for a reason, and usually that [...]

Make your own Fruit Nut Bread

I love bread.  Quick bread, that comes together in an hour or less, and yeast bread that can take hours to let rise and develop.  My family always had bread with meals, but usually the white stuff from the store.  I try to make healthier versions, so I don't feel like I am eating junk.  [...]

Huge flavor in a little tube

I have a secret weapon I use for flavor - anchovy paste !  Now before you say you hate anchovies, I will tell you nothing tastes fishy, and you won't even know it's in there.  You'll only know the food tastes good.  I often buy it by the dozen just to get the best price [...]

A vacuum that handles pet hair!

I haven't done a product review before, but I just have to tell you about the new vacuum I bought.  Exciting, I know... so some basic facts first. I have two long haired Border collies, 4 cats, and a husband who works in construction and outside in general.  So it doesn't take much imagination to [...]

My Favorite Cast Iron Magazine

If you have followed along for a while, you know I love my cast iron skillets and bake ware.  My grandmother's and mother's skillets are prized possessions.  In fact, you could say I am rather passionate about using cast iron. I also have a penchant for buying magazines and books about cooking in general, but [...]

Overnight Easy Homemade Granola

I found this recipe in a magazine many years ago, and it's still my standard go to granola recipe, made with modifications along the way.  And it's way cheaper than fancy bags of granola in the store for $6.00 a box! It will make 10-11 cups of granola.  Store it in an airtight container up [...]

Homestead and Farm Hacks

I found the following article on line.  It actually will refer you on to other articles, but the compilation is cool, & I thought it had some pretty good ideas. If you ever had a cow kick over a bucket of milk, or need to estimate the weight of a pig or cow, here's some [...]

Creating a bird habitat for bird watching

I am a bird watcher. Not a true birder, in that I don't often go out with a pair of binoculars trying to check bird species off my life list.  But I do watch from the kitchen windows and sit on the deck watching.  I can get lost and forget time.  Because I have created [...]

Should you share your cell number? Probably not.

One of Life's lessons is knowing what to share, and when. And, just as important, when NOT to share. I recently read this article, published on the Good Housekeeping site.  And I totally agree, in today's digital world, it is too easy to go find information on almost anyone.  Especially if you have access to [...]