5 Things to Consider When You Choose a Veterinarian?

Anyone who has a pet should have a veterinarian that they can  visit regularly as needed.  But it is equally as important to find a veterinarian and staff that you feel comfortable with and can trust.  I have found that when they get to know me and my pets, I can usually get in without [...]

Pet Vaccines Explained

As a veterinary technician I learned to abbreviate a lot of things.  Like any other industry, veterinary medicine has it's own language.  And an alphabet of acronyms for all the things handled in a veterinary hospital. Vaccines are one of the most basic things you can do for your pet. Each letter in the alphabet [...]

Pets need all that fluffy hair in winter!

Pet people are used to hair. It's on our clothes, on the bed, and hair balls float around anywhere in the house. We pick it off the table and out of our food. And we wouldn't change a thing. But all the hair has a purpose and a value to the pet. In this season, [...]

We all Have The Same Amount of TIME

The best thing I can give my pets is my time. I have two Border Collies, and anyone who knows the breed knows they need something to do.  In our case, it's Frisbee.  Everyday, at least twice a day.  Basically my husband is responsible for this, but at times I pitch in and throw it [...]

What is a Professional Pet Shipper?

In my work life, I own and operated Airborne Animals LLC, a pet shipping business, visit   Airborne Animals LLC to see what we do. Basically a pet shipper handles all the arrangements to move pets from Point A to Point B as a cargo shipment (I have nothing to do with pets in cabin or [...]