Border Collie

How Can I tell If My Pet is Sick?

Sometimes it is obvious when your pet is not feeling well, but other times it may just be a feeling you have based on your pets behavior.  Trust you instincts.  As a pet owner, you know your pet better than anyone else.  If you think your dog or cat is “just not right”, chances are [...]

Cat Aggression with other Pets and People

There are two major categories of cat aggression – aggression against people and aggression against other cats Aggression with People Cats may demonstrate aggression toward people for a couple of reason.  One is the they have not been socialized well.  If they are afraid of being handles and touched, they may react out of fear [...]

Deaf dog

How to deal with a Deaf Pet

Our male Border Collie Speck is deaf.  Never having had a deaf pet before, it took me a bit of time to figure it out. For starters he seemed very stubborn as a puppy.  He never listened to me.   Occasionally my husband's deep and louder voice would get his attention.  He seemed willing to learn, [...]

25 things to do for your cat

Equal  time this column for cats!  We addressed dogs last time. Cats are a bit harder, because they are much more used to being alone, and doing things on their own terms.  Still, you can do some good beyond the basic needs of shelter, food and water. Cats like to investigate, crawl into things, and [...]

25 good things to do for your dog

For many of us, our pets are a vital part of the family, almost (or really) like children.  And while we may met their basic needs of shelter, food and water, I think there are a lot more things that might elevate their lifestyle. Most dogs breeds were invented for a reason, and usually that [...]

A vacuum that handles pet hair!

I haven't done a product review before, but I just have to tell you about the new vacuum I bought.  Exciting, I know... so some basic facts first. I have two long haired Border collies, 4 cats, and a husband who works in construction and outside in general.  So it doesn't take much imagination to [...]

Meet Squeeze, our Inspiration to never give up

I thought I would introduce you to Squeeze this week.  He is out partially paralyzed cat, who is an inspiration to hope, get up, try again, and never give up. Here's his story: Three years ago in February my husband called me about 10 minutes after he left for work. "Something terrible has happened!" he [...]