Hugging Every Day Helps Keep You Healthy!

We all like a hug from a loved one.  It makes us feel good, and safe, and protected.  A hug is a way of showing affection. Some people are just "huggy" people - they will greet strangers with a hug hello or good bye.  I know not all people are like this, and many don't [...]

A life lesson – Get out & Enjoy Nature

  Today was a beautiful early spring day – bright sun, warmer temperatures that earlier in the week, the rain is gone, and nature was at its best outside the back door.  I watched a news broadcast earlier in the morning, where they interviewed people who would go into parks and wildness just to hear [...]

Singing frogs: Springs comes in with a Chorus!

Spring has arrived when the swamp, ponds, and wetlands break into sound.   The peepers are awake!  It never fails to make me smile when I hear the first spring song from them.  It's another of life's lessons - show your joy to the world, and sing when you are happy. These little chorus frogs have a [...]

Meet Squeeze, our Inspiration to never give up

I thought I would introduce you to Squeeze this week.  He is out partially paralyzed cat, who is an inspiration to hope, get up, try again, and never give up. Here's his story: Three years ago in February my husband called me about 10 minutes after he left for work. "Something terrible has happened!" he [...]

Life Lesson: work with what you have

This Life Lesson Episode: You can't always have what you want, so work with what you have. One of my concessions in life - not having a walk in pantry in the kitchen.  I've never had a walk-in pantry.  I most likely never will.  I've given up worrying about it.  There's no point. What I [...]