colorful silicone cups

You must try silicone baking cups!

I just recently bought some silicone baking cup liners.  Not only do they come in such happy colors, but like any other silicone product - think silicone baking mats -  they work! I know, they've been around quite a while now, but I had never used them. I usually use paper cupcake liners.  I find some [...]

15 Kitchen Tricks and Saves – Hacks, if you will

For whatever reason, I dislike the term "Kitchen Hacks" that seems to have become so popular recently.  So I thought I would share some "Tricks and Saves" that might make your life easier in the kitchen and home. They are in no particular order. A clothespin in the kitchen - a clothespin is small and [...]

My 15 Absolute Favorite Kitchen Tools

There are certain kitchen tools I just could not live without.  The favorite things I reach for everyday. The items that get left out on the counter. I find I love looking at kitchen gadgets online and in stores.  But how often would I use some of them?  Gadgets tend to be specific to one [...]

Why I Don’t Mince Garlic Anymore

I love to cook, but certain jobs are just tedious.  Take mincing garlic for example.  It's easy enough to chop, but mince those tiny cloves, when I need a lot?  I never end up with minced pieces the same size. So I came up with a kitchen hack that works great. And since I have [...]

3 Ways to Clean the Kitchen Sink

Did you know the kitchen sink is the dirtiest, germ-i-est place in the house?  More than any part of the bathroom.  You probably disinfect your toilet more often than the kitchen sink. Food particles, meat juice drippings, blood and dirt off vegetables can lurk not just in the sink itself, but especially in the drainer, [...]

My All Time Favorite Cookbooks

Since I love to cook, I have quite a few cookbooks. Maybe more than "a few". My family knows this, as I frequently receive them as gifts.  My sisters will pass on to me those they no longer want. I love to page through a cookbook to see what I might like.  It's even better [...]

Enameled Cast Iron Pros and Cons

What's the Difference? Enameled cast iron has both benefits and drawbacks as compared to "naked" black cast iron cookware.  It's the basic black dressed up with enamel paint, and looks prettier! Benefits:  it's easier to maintain - the enamel coating doesn't require the process of seasoning it gets hot and stays hot just like plain [...]