Fox Pines Meat Rub

This is my favorite dry rub for meats - great on ribs, steaks and chicken. It's both sweet and smoky and a bit spicy. This will make about 1.25 cups. 1/4 cup smoke paprika 1/4 packed brown sugar 1/4 cup ground cumin (if you grind your own, so much the better) 1/4 c coarse sea [...]

Bacon Grease Is Liquid Gold

My mom always had a grease container in the fridge that we poured bacon fat into. It was just a give, something that tasted great could be reused in other ways.  Since then, fats have been banned as unhealthy, but really animal fats are a healthy kind of fat, especially compared to some manufacturer fats [...]

Is your Homestead Prepared?

Everyone, from individuals to businesses to your homestead, should have an emergency preparedness plan. Don't think you will have any emergency?  Consider items beyond what we normally consider "emergencies" or disasters, like flooding, a hurricane, a tornado, or the like.  The Red Cross has a list of emergencies. Here in the Adirondacks heavy icing can [...]

Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do or Do Without

My grandmother used to use this phrase.  It's from the depression era, in a time when flour came in sacks that could be re-used to make aprons or other items. It was a time when food, clothing and work was lean.  People learned to re-purpose all kinds of items, and in some cases, adjust to [...]

Coping with RA on the Homestead

I have Rheumatoid arthritis.  I was diagnosed in 2000, but I probably had it long before that.  It flared dramatically after having Lyme's disease. It's difficult working full time with RA, and the homestead work is no exception.  Sore joints in the morning, limited movements, and swollen joints all inhibit what I feel like doing.  [...]