snow on pine trees

Autumn clean up around the house

Okay, so we had our first snowfall - a light dusting but enough to let us know that fall is giving way soon to winter. So as usual I am now rushing around to get things in the yard  & house, making things ready for winter, like: Birds baths cleaned, bowls inside (since they are [...]

Koi fish

Keeping Koi in the Northeast

We've had a koi pond for almost 20 years.  It was a "present" from my husband for my birthday.  I wanted a pond, and he got busy with the backhoe....and we ended up with nearly a 5000 gallon hole in the ground.  A bit larger than he intended. I love hearing the water run over [...]

My Blooming Cactus

I have a cactus grown from a small piece my sister gave me.  She got a piece from her father-in-law, so we are keeping it going in the family.  It's taken years for the plant to get large.  Every spring I put it outside - it just loves rain and summer sun. This year it [...]

Grow New Celery from the store-bought bunch

Many vegetables will regrow, if given the chance, and celery is on of the easiest to do this with. I find that, in the garden, if I don't pull out the whole celery plant, but just cut the stalks I need, more stalks with grow.  Guess what, you can do the same exact thing in  [...]

Simple Hummingbird food is the best

For any bird watcher, backyard gardener, and nature lover, hummingbirds are one of the coolest birds in North America (as well as many species in other parts of the world)., and one of the easiest to feed.  Making a simple syrup is cheap and simple.  Feeding hummingbirds provides a reliable food source for them.  this [...]

setting uop a new garden

Fox Pines New Garden gets started

We spent last weekend moving our garden to a location a bit closer to the house, in a location with more sun.  I wanted to get the perennial plants - rhubarb, asparagus, small blueberry bushes - in the new location early enough this year to get them established before a North Country Winter.  I hadn't [...]

Protecting Insects, they are so beneficial

This beautiful Luna moth visited me for a couple nights in a row.  A fairly large moth, Luna's will produce 2 generations per year in my area.  The adults emerge from their larva cocoons solely to mate, and only live about a week.   A pity, given how beautiful they are. There are many insects that [...]

Don’t treat Dog Feces like Manure

One of my friends mentioned the other day how few people seem to pick up after their dog, with dog feces (or let's be less formal, dog poop) being all over in public places and parks.  It has prompted me to remind everyone that dog feces are not like cow or horse manure. Dog feces [...]

Creating a bird habitat for bird watching

I am a bird watcher. Not a true birder, in that I don't often go out with a pair of binoculars trying to check bird species off my life list.  But I do watch from the kitchen windows and sit on the deck watching.  I can get lost and forget time.  Because I have created [...]

Container Gardening

Anyone can do container gardening - on a table, in a window, on a deck or porch or in a garden setting. From the smallest, maybe a pot of two of herbs in a window, to a garden that is 25 x 40'....if you want to have some fresh plants, herbs or flowers, I am [...]