Shop at Home in The Pantry Store

Every so often I realized I have quite a bit of food stocked up in my pantry, meaning my pantry cabinet, my freezer, cold storage and whatever I might have growing in the window in winter.  There is really no reason to go to a store and buy anything. My sister and I call this [...]

3 Key Reasons to Cook at Home

I guess I am just a traditional farm girl.  Dinner was when everyone gathered around the table to eat together.  Always. Every night. I really never considered any other option.  The idea of people eating all different times and having different food is a totally foreign concept to me. So here are the 3 Key [...]

Container Gardening

Anyone can do container gardening - on a table, in a window, on a deck or porch or in a garden setting. From the smallest, maybe a pot of two of herbs in a window, to a garden that is 25 x 40'....if you want to have some fresh plants, herbs or flowers, I am [...]

The Spoon Theory

I love this post.  It suits me to a T.  My rheumatoid arthritis is just such a disease.  I don't "look sick".  But I may have a hard time walking, especially after getting out of a vehicle. I will use the handicap stall in the ladies room, so that I can hold the handrails to [...]

Overworked: There is never enough time

I came across an interesting blog, which can help me share some thoughts with a daily one word via Daily Prompt: Overworked .  I love this idea of taking on a one word challenge. I learned early on all about hard work.  I grew up on a dairy farm.  The cows were always there, [...]

Is your Homestead Prepared?

Everyone, from individuals to businesses to your homestead, should have an emergency preparedness plan. Don't think you will have any emergency?  Consider items beyond what we normally consider "emergencies" or disasters, like flooding, a hurricane, a tornado, or the like.  The Red Cross has a list of emergencies. Here in the Adirondacks heavy icing can [...]

Scalloped Potatoes and Corned Beef

Family Recipes are one of the best things passed down through generations.  Usually they are not too fancy or complicated - just good down home food best served family style.  When that dish is put on the table everyone dives in. Such is the case with my mom's Scalloped potato and corned beef casserole. Potatoes sliced [...]

Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do or Do Without

My grandmother used to use this phrase.  It's from the depression era, in a time when flour came in sacks that could be re-used to make aprons or other items. It was a time when food, clothing and work was lean.  People learned to re-purpose all kinds of items, and in some cases, adjust to [...]