a rafter of turkeys

Helping out our Wild Turkeys

We have a flock of about 12 wild turkeys visiting our yard on a regular basis now that there is over a foot of snow on the ground.  It hasn't taken them long to figure out that the songbirds spill seeds onto the ground.  We feed the songbirds mostly black oil sunflower seeds, and some [...]

snow on pine trees

Autumn clean up around the house

Okay, so we had our first snowfall - a light dusting but enough to let us know that fall is giving way soon to winter. So as usual I am now rushing around to get things in the yard  & house, making things ready for winter, like: Birds baths cleaned, bowls inside (since they are [...]


How to Blueberry (Huckleberry) in the Adirondacks

July and August means wild blueberries - what my mother would call huckleberries- and here in the Adirondacks where our soil is sandy and acidic, blueberries love it. We have these wild bushes all over our property.  I took an hour yesterday to go gather a quart. Only a quart in an hour, you say? [...]

Protecting Insects, they are so beneficial

This beautiful Luna moth visited me for a couple nights in a row.  A fairly large moth, Luna's will produce 2 generations per year in my area.  The adults emerge from their larva cocoons solely to mate, and only live about a week.   A pity, given how beautiful they are. There are many insects that [...]

Can You Ignore Technology?

My last column dealt with enjoying nature - getting outside and really listening and looking at your surroundings. My husband sparked another thought this week when he said "It doesn't matter where I go, I see kids and many adults on their phones typing away, even when they are walking".  Technology has taken over our [...]

Red Squirrel Life at Fox Pines Homestead

Our squirrels have it made.  Lots of tall red pines to live in, and sunflower seeds galore that fall or are pushed from the bird feeders, as well as our "cabana" where we pile seed just for them.  Stone walls for cover and caches. American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) are year round residents, who are [...]

Singing frogs: Springs comes in with a Chorus!

Spring has arrived when the swamp, ponds, and wetlands break into sound.   The peepers are awake!  It never fails to make me smile when I hear the first spring song from them.  It's another of life's lessons - show your joy to the world, and sing when you are happy. These little chorus frogs have a [...]

Who do I Champion today?

Every day I look for someone or something to champion, to support, to defend, to promote.  I don't need to be the prime character, I can just support someone else. Maybe it's another person I admire.  Someone I have worked with, or a family member.  Perhaps it's a cause, a pet, or just my bird [...]