A life lesson – Get out & Enjoy Nature

  Today was a beautiful early spring day – bright sun, warmer temperatures that earlier in the week, the rain is gone, and nature was at its best outside the back door.  I watched a news broadcast earlier in the morning, where they interviewed people who would go into parks and wildness just to hear [...]

Make your own Fruit Nut Bread

I love bread.  Quick bread, that comes together in an hour or less, and yeast bread that can take hours to let rise and develop.  My family always had bread with meals, but usually the white stuff from the store.  I try to make healthier versions, so I don't feel like I am eating junk.  [...]

Huge flavor in a little tube

I have a secret weapon I use for flavor - anchovy paste !  Now before you say you hate anchovies, I will tell you nothing tastes fishy, and you won't even know it's in there.  You'll only know the food tastes good.  I often buy it by the dozen just to get the best price [...]

A vacuum that handles pet hair!

I haven't done a product review before, but I just have to tell you about the new vacuum I bought.  Exciting, I know... so some basic facts first. I have two long haired Border collies, 4 cats, and a husband who works in construction and outside in general.  So it doesn't take much imagination to [...]

Red Squirrel Life at Fox Pines Homestead

Our squirrels have it made.  Lots of tall red pines to live in, and sunflower seeds galore that fall or are pushed from the bird feeders, as well as our "cabana" where we pile seed just for them.  Stone walls for cover and caches. American red squirrels (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) are year round residents, who are [...]

Singing frogs: Springs comes in with a Chorus!

Spring has arrived when the swamp, ponds, and wetlands break into sound.   The peepers are awake!  It never fails to make me smile when I hear the first spring song from them.  It's another of life's lessons - show your joy to the world, and sing when you are happy. These little chorus frogs have a [...]

My Favorite Cast Iron Magazine

If you have followed along for a while, you know I love my cast iron skillets and bake ware.  My grandmother's and mother's skillets are prized possessions.  In fact, you could say I am rather passionate about using cast iron. I also have a penchant for buying magazines and books about cooking in general, but [...]

Meet Squeeze, our Inspiration to never give up

I thought I would introduce you to Squeeze this week.  He is out partially paralyzed cat, who is an inspiration to hope, get up, try again, and never give up. Here's his story: Three years ago in February my husband called me about 10 minutes after he left for work. "Something terrible has happened!" he [...]

Salad made from leftover veggies

Tonight I was home for dinner by myself.  I decided to eat healthy, and a salad was in order.  I had romaine lettuce as a base, which I sliced up.  Rather than having Caesar salad, which I already made once this past week, I decided to add some vegetables. So I sauteed some orange bell [...]

Who do I Champion today?

Every day I look for someone or something to champion, to support, to defend, to promote.  I don't need to be the prime character, I can just support someone else. Maybe it's another person I admire.  Someone I have worked with, or a family member.  Perhaps it's a cause, a pet, or just my bird [...]