Should My Pets have a Microchip?

Microchips have been widely used in the USA for returning pets to their rightful owners when lost. In much of the rest of the world, they also act as the definitive identification for each pet. Microchips first came to light in 1980's with Home Again when I was working at a veterinary office.  Microchips are [...]

Mom’s Fruit Crisp

For whatever reason, I am in a rather nostalgic mood today. I feel like I need some of Mom's wisdom today, and therefore making something she always made for us on the farm just feels right. And it's Saturday, when I usually spend in the morning in the kitchen cleaning and cooking anyway.  We always [...]

Beef and Barley Soup from the Homestead

I make a lot of soup.  it's nourishing, easy to make, and often uses up left over ingredients in the fridge or pantry. This particular week I didn't have any left over beef, so I bought the cheapest beef things I could find at the marker, which turned out to be a piece of beef [...]

Overnight Easy Homemade Granola

I found this recipe in a magazine many years ago, and it's still my standard go to granola recipe, made with modifications along the way.  And it's way cheaper than fancy bags of granola in the store for $6.00 a box! It will make 10-11 cups of granola.  Store it in an airtight container up [...]

Homestead and Farm Hacks

I found the following article on line.  It actually will refer you on to other articles, but the compilation is cool, & I thought it had some pretty good ideas. If you ever had a cow kick over a bucket of milk, or need to estimate the weight of a pig or cow, here's some [...]

5 Common signs of a Pet Scam

Pet scams are quite prolific on the internet - just ask anyone in the pet industry and chances are they are aware of some or even had clients involved.  I've had clients reports scam for puppies, kittens and even parrots. My thanks to Maplecroft Studio for doing photography of my litter of Ragdolls:   Pet [...]

My 15 Absolute Favorite Kitchen Tools

There are certain kitchen tools I just could not live without.  The favorite things I reach for everyday. The items that get left out on the counter. I find I love looking at kitchen gadgets online and in stores.  But how often would I use some of them?  Gadgets tend to be specific to one [...]

Creating a bird habitat for bird watching

I am a bird watcher. Not a true birder, in that I don't often go out with a pair of binoculars trying to check bird species off my life list.  But I do watch from the kitchen windows and sit on the deck watching.  I can get lost and forget time.  Because I have created [...]