3 Ways to Clean the Kitchen Sink

Did you know the kitchen sink is the dirtiest, germ-i-est place in the house?  More than any part of the bathroom.  You probably disinfect your toilet more often than the kitchen sink. Food particles, meat juice drippings, blood and dirt off vegetables can lurk not just in the sink itself, but especially in the drainer, [...]

Life Lesson: work with what you have

This Life Lesson Episode: You can't always have what you want, so work with what you have. One of my concessions in life - not having a walk in pantry in the kitchen.  I've never had a walk-in pantry.  I most likely never will.  I've given up worrying about it.  There's no point. What I [...]

The Border Collies of Fox Pines Homestead

I thought this week maybe you would enjoy meeting some of our four-footed family members. Our pets are our children - I know many of you feel the same way! We have two Border Collies, Speck and Switch, featured above. First, a bit about Border Collies in general.  They are not a dog for everyone.  [...]

For the Love of Leather

I LOVE LEATHER. I mean, a lot.  For years I have never bought shoes or a handbag that wasn't leather. Or dog collars and leashes for that matter. I love the smell of leather, and those that go with it - leather conditioner, saddle soap. I like the feel of leather.  It can be so [...]

Roughage for people and pets

My grandmother would have referred to fiber as "roughage" - that fiber that helps promote good health. Most Americans do not eat nearly enough fiber, and the lack of fiber can contribute to poor health, including diabetes. I recently found this article.  It does a great job of explaining exactly what fiber is and how [...]

Fox Pines Writing Services

Do you need help writing content for your site, business, or blog?  Have you gotten a request to write an article? That’s terrific – except you don’t feel comfortable writing it yourself.  I can help you look your best by writing it for you. One of the things I do here at Fox Pines Homestead [...]

Shop at Home in The Pantry Store

Every so often I realized I have quite a bit of food stocked up in my pantry, meaning my pantry cabinet, my freezer, cold storage and whatever I might have growing in the window in winter.  There is really no reason to go to a store and buy anything. My sister and I call this [...]

Hamburger Soup

Soup is one of our favorite foods.  It is filling, usually inexpensive to make, and nice and warm on a cold day. It doesn't take any special skills or a lot of time. Hamburger soup started as a recipe I saw years ago someplace, but I have modified and created my own version of course. [...]