Protect Pets from Cold Weather

BBRRRR... it's getting cold out!  But then it is mid-December.  I thought a few tips for protecting your pets from cold, snow and ice might be appropriate. The American Veterinary Medical Association has some great tips at the AVMA website  and HSUS for protecting your pets.  Of course the obvious is to protect from the cold air [...]

What is a Professional Pet Shipper?

In my work life, I own and operated Airborne Animals LLC, a pet shipping business, visit   Airborne Animals LLC to see what we do. Basically a pet shipper handles all the arrangements to move pets from Point A to Point B as a cargo shipment (I have nothing to do with pets in cabin or [...]

Coping with RA on the Homestead

I have Rheumatoid arthritis.  I was diagnosed in 2000, but I probably had it long before that.  It flared dramatically after having Lyme's disease. It's difficult working full time with RA, and the homestead work is no exception.  Sore joints in the morning, limited movements, and swollen joints all inhibit what I feel like doing.  [...]