Americans Waste Too Much Food

I read a disturbing fact recently  about wasted food - almost 40 percent of the food produced in the USA is wasted between the time is is grown and harvested  and then spoils or goes uneaten. Homesteaders and farmers are close to the land. We grow a lot of what we eat.  And precious money [...]

Is your Homestead Prepared?

Everyone, from individuals to businesses to your homestead, should have an emergency preparedness plan. Don't think you will have any emergency?  Consider items beyond what we normally consider "emergencies" or disasters, like flooding, a hurricane, a tornado, or the like.  The Red Cross has a list of emergencies. Here in the Adirondacks heavy icing can [...]

Scalloped Potatoes and Corned Beef

Family Recipes are one of the best things passed down through generations.  Usually they are not too fancy or complicated - just good down home food best served family style.  When that dish is put on the table everyone dives in. Such is the case with my mom's Scalloped potato and corned beef casserole. Potatoes sliced [...]

Pets need all that fluffy hair in winter!

Pet people are used to hair. It's on our clothes, on the bed, and hair balls float around anywhere in the house. We pick it off the table and out of our food. And we wouldn't change a thing. But all the hair has a purpose and a value to the pet. In this season, [...]

Can you handle a Pet Emergency?

Whether we like it or not, things happen. A pet emergency is no different. Many things are seemingly unpreventable - When a dog dashes into the road, or a cat eats tinsel - but are they? Just as with children, we have to be aware of items in our homes that have potential danger. So [...]

Beef and Navy Bean Casserole

Here's an easy one pot meal, that you stick in the oven and leave alone for a few hours.  Perfect for winter weather.  And the kitchen will smell great too! Roast Beef and Navy Bean Casserole 1 pot roast – rump roast, chuck roast, round roast…3.5 – 4 lb. Seasoned salt – make your own! [...]

Use it up, Wear it out, Make it do or Do Without

My grandmother used to use this phrase.  It's from the depression era, in a time when flour came in sacks that could be re-used to make aprons or other items. It was a time when food, clothing and work was lean.  People learned to re-purpose all kinds of items, and in some cases, adjust to [...]

What is your House Seasoning Mix?

I just won't pay several dollars for a tiny bottle of mixed spices or seasoned salt.  Not when it's so easy to make your own, which will be a lot more flavor-able and smell wonderfully fresh compared to something made and jarred weeks or months ago. There are all kinds of spice seasonings and mixes [...]

We all Have The Same Amount of TIME

The best thing I can give my pets is my time. I have two Border Collies, and anyone who knows the breed knows they need something to do.  In our case, it's Frisbee.  Everyday, at least twice a day.  Basically my husband is responsible for this, but at times I pitch in and throw it [...]